Fully automated data lineage and more ...

Engrafo supplies a knowledge sharing platform which automatically and structured collects information about your business critical data and how they’re used for analysis and reports throughout your organization.

Automatically creates Data Catalogs, data Flow diagrams AND DATA LINEAGE...

By reading your metadata and scanning your ETL processes Engrafo generates a total overview over your data and the data usages throughout your organization

Supported SQL dialects

Dynamic Data Catalogue

By a connection to your database instances Engrafo creates the Data Catalogs within a few minutes

Customizable Templates

To help your organization document the same way, Engrafo is fully customizable and let you easily create your own documentation templates

Crowd Enrichment

Get the critical business knowledge from your all your organizations employees through a guided interface

Support for all modern BI Tools

The Engrafo solution extract metadata from your BI Tools and automatically creates data lineage back to the Data Catalogues

Monitor your documentation

All gathered information are visible in the portal interface in order for you to monitor the progress and quality in your documentations

Support for all common SQL

Engrafo can extract data lineage from all common SQL dialects, generate flow charts to create overview and information about critical ETL flows

We also connect your BI reports to ETL procedures and data catalogs...

By collecting metadata from your BI Tools, Engrafo connect business report visualization to data flows, data catalogues, business terms and data lineage. In this way you can make an impact analysis but also use the central definition on e.g. business terms directly in your visualizations

Supported BI Tools

What types of clients do we help?

We can support all organizations that are
working with data warehousing and business intelligence!


Create savings by leaving traditional costly QA management in favour of a process run by crowd enrichment. Make it easier to share analysis and calculations with external stakeholders through a documentation system built around the assign on - and sharing of - knowledge. Ensure that your associates have more time to their core jobs by automating tedious manual processes and by eliminating the need for passing on knowledge verbally. Obtain a much easier run-in of new data focused associates by means of a central knowledge repository.
The Engrafo Data Documentation Solution ensures that the data production is documented in a homogeneous, transparent, and intuitive way.


Achieve automation of large parts of your documentation processes regarding data warehouse as well as business analyses. Build a knowledge bridge in your organization between datawarehouse and business-oriented units such as the actuary, marketingdepartment, etc. eliminate your dependence of (a few) core associates and employees, and enjoy a more streamlined and less vulnerable organization in a labour market which grows increasingly dynamic. Get a better grip of the handling of GDPR with metadata and documentation in a relational data model which can in itself be subject to analyses and screenings.

A solution that provides value

To be able to reap the gains by implementing new software in your organization you must team up with an adviser who can guide you - especially in areas such as metadata management, metadata documentation, and the activating hereof into the business, if you don’t have an in-house expert to take lead. Which are the principles behind F.A.I.R.? In which way does it perform alongside semantic interoperability. Must one give one’s mind to? Must one act in accordance with? International standards as f.i. GSIM and GSBPM? And most important: how does a roadmap of the successful anchoring of new software into the organization look? In Engrafo we assist our customers finding their ways through all these questions and many more, and we make sure there is no area left in which they themselves need to be experts. The reason why our solution is probably the best you can get is not only that we have developed an extremely efficient software, but also that we are a team of experienced consultants who are all dedicated to carve successes for our customers and because we never let go of an implementation until the savings are obvious.


Skriv hvad der er centralt for dette kundesegment som vi løser


Skriv hvad der er centralt for dette kundesegment som vi løser

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Skriv hvad der er centralt for dette kundesegment som vi løser

We value our customers

We have customers in all industries.
Contact us if you want to reach out and hear how they use Engrafo

Henrik Dahl

"The Engrafo solution gives us a guided way to document all our BI-implementations we deliver to our customers. The templates we have build in Engrafo gives our customers a single point of entry for exploring Data Catalogues, BI visualizations documentations, and a view over the data lineage. It's a great tool for documenting our work. The same way - every time."


Let's make you a customized demo to illustrate how flexible and easy the Engrafo software is