Tool for data catalog and data lineage

Fully automated data catalog, data lineage and more ...

Engrafo supplies a knowledge sharing platform which automatically and structured collects information about your business critical data and how they’re used for analysis and reports throughout your organization

Automatically creates Data Catalogs, data Flow diagrams AND DATA LINEAGE...

By reading your metadata and scanning your ETL processes Engrafo generates a total overview over your data and the data usages throughout your organization

Supported SQL dialects
Create data catalog from SybaseCreate data catalog for MySQLCreate data catalog for hadoopCreate data catalog for TerradataCreate data catalog for PostgreSQLCreate data catalog for NetezzaCreate data catalog for BigQueryCreate data catalog for MSSQL

Dynamic Data Catalog'

By connections to your database instances Engrafo creates Data Catalogs and Data Dictionary in minutes. Enrich the data catalog by bulk loading metadata from your operational systems

Customizable Templates

To help your organization document ETL and the use of business intelligence in the same way, Engrafo is fully customizable and let you easily create your own documentation templates for your data warehouse

Crowd Enrichment

The philosophy behind Engrafo is to enable all your employees to have access to document all critical business knowledge in a uniform way by using the unique possibility to create streamlined templates for various documentation tasks. In this way you can safely decentralize the documentation tasks to where the knowledge is

Support for all modern BI Tools

The Engrafo solution extract metadata from your BI Tools and automatically creates data lineage back to the Data Catalogs

Monitor your documentation

All gathered information are visible in the portal interface in order for you to monitor the progress and quality in your documentations

Support for all common SQL

Engrafo can extract data lineage from all common SQL dialects, generate flow charts to create overview and information about critical ETL flows

We also connect your BI reports to ETL procedures and data catalogs...

By collecting metadata from your BI Tools, Engrafo connect business report visualization to data flows, data catalogues, business terms and data lineage. In this way you can make an impact analysis but also use the central definition on e.g. business terms directly in your visualizations

Supported BI Tools
Create data lineage for QLIKCreate data lineage for TargitCreate data lineage for alteryxCreate data lineage for PowerBICreate data lineage for PentahoCreate data lineage for SASCreate data lineage for TableauCreate data lineage for Google BigQuery


It is free to start using the Engrafo Knowledge Solution. If you find it usefull, you can upgrade to the plan that fits your organization

Free Plan

Up to 10 editors
Unlimmited number of end users (read-access)
Up to 10.000 columns in the Data Catalog
T-SQL Analyzer module
Data lineage analyzer module

User based

Up to 50 editors
Up to 200 endusers (readaccess)
Full access to all functionality of the Engrafo Knowledge Solution
Access to 1 SQL Analyzer modules (e.g. MS SQL )
Data lineage analyzer module
AD integration
Premium support


Unlimmited number of users editors and end users (read)
Full access to all functionality of the Engrafo Knowledge Solution
Access to 3 SQL Analyzing modules (e.g. MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
SAS ETL analyzing module
Data lineage analyzer module
AD integration
Installation support
Premium support


Full access to all functionality of the Engrafo Knowledge Solution hosted in private cloud
Min 10 users / billed annually


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Skriv hvad der er centralt for dette kundesegment som vi løser

We value our customers

We have customers in all industries.
Contact us if you want to reach out and learn how they use Engrafo

"We have used Engrafo as a software tool in qualifying for a tender for metadata documentation at a big data driven public customer in Denmark. We won the tender with the documentation capability's in Engrafo that matched the requirements. We installed and configurated Engrafo in a couple of hours and have then used the metadata loaders to automatically to gather information about data to populate the data catalogue very quickly and efficiently. After that, we used the metadata loader to import metadata about the usage of the data in different systems creating data lineage, flow documentation, edit history and more - from source tables to data marts. Our customer now has a system that easily let the different users search for data descriptions, data flows, data lineage, SQL expressions and more."

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