SAS Analyzer

Engrafo SAS analyzer module is the only software in the world that – based on SAS logs – automatically creates a full data catalog, program documentation and data lineage for the your entire SAS landscape, giving you

Just let Engrafo know where your SAS logs are, sit back and watch the documentation elope.

The data catalog is populatied automatically with libraies, tables, variables, formats, labels, type, and more

You can click on libnames, tables, columns, programs and view the lineage, program info, dependencies and much more. It’s also possible to edit documentation, ad new documentation fields or import other metadata.

With a complete link between libnames, tables, columns and programs you can look up data and see in which programs the data is used and what kind of manipulations are made

All information from the executed SAS programs are stored in Engrafo’s database levering all kinds of possible views and analysis, e.g.

Data lineage on table level as presented in Engrafo. Colum level available as well, although beware of large flowcharts – but you made them!


This video shows how you can use the prebuild SAS Template in Engrafo to generate data catalog, program documentations and data lineage for 28 SAS programs in 5 minutes.

Engrafo analyses the output logs from Proc Scaproc to generate all the documentation on the fly.

Our customers are data driven companies

All our customers had the need for automising their data documentation. They also wanted to get rid of multiple Word and Excel templates and have one entrance for documenting their work with data. And also, they didn’t want the IT-departments to be bottlenecks. They beieve in crowd enrichment and democratising data and data knowledge

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