Intelligent Services

Engrafo Professional Services possess deep technical knowledge and experience in data management, metadata management, and data governance principles. This includes proficiency in database technologies, data modeling, and data integration.

Engrafo Professional Services excel in implementing data catalog and data lineage solutions that provide comprehensive metadata management capabilities. This includes cataloging data assets across various sources, documenting metadata attributes, and enabling search and discovery functionalities. 

Engrafo can assist in any implementation model our customers want, e.g.

01. Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach: In this process, our customer actively participates in defining data catalog requirements, providing input on metadata attributes, and validating the catalog's usability. Regular workshops and feedback sessions ensure alignment with the customer's specific needs and business objectives.

02. Managed Implementation

Here, our customer delegates the implementation process to the Engrafo, providing high-level requirements and objectives. Engrafo takes full responsibility for designing, configuring, and deploying the data catalog solution, with periodic updates and checkpoints to keep the customer informed.

03. Self-Service Deployment

In this approach, our customer takes the lead in implementing the data catalog solution independently, leveraging pre-configured templates or self-service tools provided by the service provider. Engrafo offers guidance and support as needed, but the customer retains control over the implementation timeline and process.

Throughout the project lifecycle, Engrafo prioritizes clear communication and collaboration to ensure alignment with our customers’ business objectives and the successful implementation of the data management solution.

Evaluation and Strategic Planning

Engrafo begins by conducting a thorough assessment of our customers’ existing data infrastructure, challenges, and objectives. Through collaborative discussions, Engrafo crafts a comprehensive plan outlining the project’s scope, timeline, and required resources.

Customization and Configuration

Engrafo tailors and configures the Engrafo solution to fit our customers’ specific needs. This may include designing templates, scheduling metadata loads, handling data history and

Data Migration and Integration

Engrafo facilitates the smooth integration from our customers’ existing data management systems by managing the integration process. Engrafo ensure seamless integration with other systems and applications within our customers’ IT environment.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Engrafo conducts rigorous testing to verify the functionality, performance, and reliability of the data management solution. This includes testing data integrity, system scalability, and security measures.

Training and Documentation

Engrafo provides comprehensive training sessions to empower our customers’ staff to effectively utilize the new data management solution. They also furnish detailed documentation, such as user manuals and technical guides, to support ongoing operations and maintenance.

Deployment and Support

Engrafo oversees the deployment process and closely monitors the system during the initial rollout phase. They remain available to address any issues that may arise and provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the solution’s continued success.

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