Engrafo Data Catalog Solution

The Engrafo Data catalog solution automatically and structured collects information about your business critical data and how they’re used for analysis and reports throughout your organization

Dynamic Data Catalog/lineage

Using connections to metadata Engrafo creates Data Catalogs in minutes. Enrich the data catalog by bulk loading metadata from your operational systems. Use the Engrafo API’s to schedule import of metadata so that data documentations is always up to date.

Build a common language with Business Glossary

Build and popularize universal language of your organization with a glossary of business terms, concepts, and metrics. Map that language to the physical data assets in your catalog.
Schedule all the loading rutines to ensure one entry to the truth about your data.

Quickly find & discover data

Spend less time on searching for data across your organization’s data assets (tables, columns, terms, modules, etc.). Effortlessly search your data and business terms with simple & advanced faceted search. Refine your search results to find very specific assets. 

Get a complete view of the flow of your data

Visualize how your data moves through the system with Data Lineage feature. Understand where the data is coming from, where it is going, and how it is transformed. Create enterprise-wide visibility into data lineage diagrams through Web Catalog to improve data literacy and ensure transparency.

Build a community around your data

Data Community allows everyone to share their observations and to accumulate valuable knowledge in one place through comments, ratings, questions, to-dos, and warnings.
With these features people in your organization will be able to collaborate on data with less hustle and improved productivity.


This video shows how you can use the prebuild SAS Template in Engrafo to generate data catalog, program documentations and data lineage for 28 SAS programs in 5 minutes.

Engrafo analyses the output logs from Proc Scaproc to generate all the documentation on the fly.

Our customers are data driven companies

All our customers had the need for automising their data documentation. They also wanted to get rid of multiple Word and Excel templates and have one entrance for documenting their work with data. And also, they didn’t want the IT-departments to be bottlenecks. They beieve in crowd enrichment and democratising data and data knowledge


What is a data catalog software?

Data Catalog is an inventory of all data assets in an organization. It uses metadata to help data users discover, understand and manage their data. Data catalog software is an important part of every data management strategy. It allows companies to build their own data catalogs to create a data culture, support data discovery and data governance. 

Data is crucial to making informed business decisions. Without a data catalog many companies struggle with finding, understanding, and trusting their data. This usually leads to slowed down analyses, errors in reports, and making poor decisions. Data catalog provides a single, easily accessible place to store all the knowledge about data. This allows data analysts, data scientists, and business users to focus on getting insights & value from data, instead of searching for it and trying to understand it.

Inspiration, Demo, Trial, Whitepaper, Coffee?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a dialog on how Engrafo might help you get the complete overview over your data landscape. We are here to inspire you and guide you to the right solution.