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Engrafo delivers a knowledge sharing platform which automatically and structured gathers information about your business-critical data, how they are utilized for ETL, advanced analytics and reporting across the organization, and delivers complete and easily accessible data lineage for your entire business.

Fuelling data literacy through crowd enrichment!

The philosophy behind Engrafo is to enable all your employees to have access to document all critical business knowledge in a uniform way by using the unique possibility to create streamlined templates for various documentation tasks. In this way you can safely decentralize the documentation tasks to where the knowledge is.

Engrafo is originally build – and continues to develop – in cooperation with some of the biggest data driven companies. In this way the foundation of Engrafo matches the exact needs for data dictionary/data catalog, process documentation, data lineage and documentation compliance.

Dedicated partner: Knowit

Engrafo has a deep partner and reseller cooperation with KnowIT. Knowit consists of a strong team of passionate and driven employees who contribute with knowledge, experience, and commitment every day, to help companies in the Nordic region transition to a digital and sustainable society.


KnowIt operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, and Germany. We always work close to our clients in assignments.

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KnowIt want to be an attractive workplace for everyone. That is why we work hard to increase equality and get more women to choose our sector.

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Together with a number of world-leading partners, Knowit help clients with the digital challenges they are faced with.

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